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Recent Customer Reviews


They were thorough, explained everything, and fixed the problem. I would definitely use them again. They seem to have a wonderful old-fashioned strong and honest work ethic, and they come when they say they will. Definitely impressed.

Mary Ann S.

Hendersonville, NC



Came out to the house quickly in the midst of a busy hot summer and got the installation going right away.  We got a second estimate from another company, and it was $600 more for a comparable unit plus the second company would have started the work at least two weeks later. The new system works great, and is much more efficient than the old one. So all's well that ends well.

Linda B.

Leicester, NC

We would not call anyone else. JB is our 100% Go-To-Guy. Both systems had boilers and he replaced what was needed in one and did his magic on the other one and both were working fine for our tenants the day after the calls came in from the tenants.

Andrea A.

Candler, NC

They provided top-notch service. 

Karen K.

Asheville, NC


Responded quickly to our email request for a service call on our noisy outdoor heat pump. Spoke with JB directly, who walked me through some steps over the phone. The noise stopped, and he got a technician out the next day, which was great for me. They would have gotten someone to the house sooner if it did not start working after he talked me through the steps. The technician called and said he could get here earlier if it was convenient. It was convenient, so he came early and diagnosed the problem as low freon, which he had on his truck. Great. Professional and quick.

Trisha M.

Leicester, NC


My AC was blowing warm air off and on so I called JB's. They were out the next day and inspected the unit and told me the problem was the power interuptor that I allowed Duke Energy to install on my air conditioner. There was nothing wrong with the interuptor itself, I was just under the impression that it shut the whole system down, not just the compressor. Long story short, I was very pleased with JB's and their honesty. JB's tech cleaned the coils while he was there and I am very pleased with their service and would definitely use them again in the future.

Derrick S.

Hendersonville, NC


JB's has the most knowledgeable HVAC engineers in the Asheville area. This is the second time I'm using them, and I've had nothing but excellent service and a great customer experience.


I recently moved into a house with a 15+ year old heat pump that was on its last legs. It didn't keep the house heated well, and my electricity bills were high. I called Rodney, the sales manager, in the morning and he came out that afternoon. I had done research on my own of a few different models I was looking for, and Rodney and I sat down and went through all the features versus price versus warranty. His recommendations of the Amana system turned out to be the best choice. Rodney spent at least an hour in the crawl space to evaluate the existing system and what needed to be done.


The crew came out the following week to start the work. Took 4 days to complete the job. Everything went smoothly. They cleaned up nicely and hauled away all the old equipment. We love our new system. Temperatures are consistent throughout the house and our electricity bills are about $40 a month lower. If you're thinking about upgrading or replacing your heating or A/C, don't hesitate to call these guys.  


Joe J

Candler, NC


It was an excellent experience. The tech arrived on time, did an outstanding job and even came back to double check on one thing. The price was good and we would not hesitate to call them again.

John S.

Hendersonville, NC

I had two old AC/Heating units on the house, one upstairs one downstairs that were going on 15 years old. The downstairs unit developed leaks and the compressor burned out. I called JB's based on recommendations from others.


They did a great job. The crew was like five guys and they got the unit installed and up and running in 1-1/2 days. Very professional and courteous. Good guys to work with. They also followed up to make sure everything was running smoothly.


Two weeks later the smaller upstairs unit crapped out. The fan motor burned out. After reviewing the options, it didn't make sense to repair it because of other discovered problems. Called JB's again and they replaced the second unit for me as well. Went just as smooth as the first one.


Overall, very positive. They came when they said they would, they cleaned up and hauled away all the old parts and didn't leave a mess, took care of the permits, and worked fast. What more could you want.


Joe J.

Candler, NC

I had been told by another company that the compressor was bad on the heat pump and I needed an entirely new system. This happened the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend before I went out of town for 2 days.  I sent out emails on Friday night. JB called on Saturday. He sent a tech out on Memorial Day to check the compressor who quickly found it was just a bad capacitor!  In less than an hour the house was cooling again. They even called back to make sure everything was still working properly.  We will use them when it is time to replace the entire heat pump system! Great company!!

Kathy D.

Candler, NC


Multiple service calls and always had a good experience. Rates are very fair and I've never had problems with any of the repairs they've done. They also installed a new heat pump and were able to help me with choosing the right one to get the tax credit. The service guys always show up on time and are very polite. The office secretary is always helpful. The owner (JB) is very involved with his company. I've recommended this company to a lot of people and the 3 people I know that used them were equally pleased with their service.

Julie T.

Arden, NC